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Breakout Room Pre-Assign

As a meeting host, you can split your meeting participants into Breakout Rooms when scheduling a meeting. This can be useful if you have a large group and already know how you want to split up your…

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Using Breakout Rooms During a Meeting

Split your Zoom Meeting into as many as 50 smaller sessions to get participants talking and interacting. See how the meeting host and co-hosts can create and assign rooms after the meeting starts. …

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Create a Quiz in Advanced Polling

Learn how to create a quiz in advanced polling. Advanced polling allows you to create a wide range of question types and even score correct and incorrect answers. Introduction 00:00 Creating a…

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Zoom Accessible Features Overview

Learn how to create an accessible experience for participants on Zoom by utilizing features like auto-generated captions, pinning, spotlighting, focus mode, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Closed…

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Zoom Advanced (webinar)

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How to log in to Zoom as an Authenticated User

How to log in as an authenticated user when an instructor has enabled "authenticated users only." Please visit for more information about Zoom.

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Zoom - Improving Breakout Room Discussion by Using Collaborative Documents

This video describes how to create and share a collaborative document using Microsoft Word and provides tips for successfully facilitating breakout room discussions.

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Setting Up a Webcam & Microphone for Zoom (Windows)

Watch this video for instructions on setting up a mic and webcam for Zoom on your Windows device. Music by Bensound.

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Zoom Basic Tools - Chat

The video explains how to use the chat function in Zoom.

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Remote Teaching with Zoom - Basics (webinar)

Links shared during this session: Inviting users to a meeting: How to share your screen:…

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