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Welcome to EdTech's Studio!

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PebblePad Demo for EdTech and TCDC

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Turnitin Workshop 21 October 2021

Workshop by: Chris Vescovi (Turnitin) and Erin Hagen (Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, Langara) - How to interpret Turnitin similarity reports - How to set up Turnitin in a Brightspace…

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Using Audacity to Create Your Podcast (2020-11-03)

A brief demo on using Audacity to create podcasts. Covers installation, the basic tools, and some essential filters. A PDF of the steps demonstrated in this video can be downloaded here. Click here…

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How to log in to Zoom as an Authenticated User

How to log in as an authenticated user when an instructor has enabled "authenticated users only." Please visit for more information about Zoom.

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Brightspace Preview Tools 4: Grades Preview

In this video, see how to see Brightspace Grades as students see them.

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Brightspace Preview Tools 3: Quiz Preview

In this video, learn how to preview a Brightspace Quiz, and even grade your previewed quiz.

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Brightspace Preview Tools 2: Assignment Preview

In this video, learn how to use the Preview function in Assignments to see what students see when they view your Assignment folders.

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Kaltura Capture Controls

This video will demonstrate how to choose your sources - webcam, screen, and microphone - in Kaltura Capture.

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