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Breakout Room Pre-Assign

As a meeting host, you can split your meeting participants into Breakout Rooms when scheduling a meeting. This can be useful if you have a large group and already know how you want to split up your…

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Using Breakout Rooms During a Meeting

Split your Zoom Meeting into as many as 50 smaller sessions to get participants talking and interacting. See how the meeting host and co-hosts can create and assign rooms after the meeting starts. …

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Create a Quiz in Advanced Polling

Learn how to create a quiz in advanced polling. Advanced polling allows you to create a wide range of question types and even score correct and incorrect answers. Introduction 00:00 Creating a…

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Zoom Accessible Features Overview

Learn how to create an accessible experience for participants on Zoom by utilizing features like auto-generated captions, pinning, spotlighting, focus mode, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Closed…

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Zoom Advanced (webinar)

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