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Post-Migration Kaltura Capture Update (Windows)

See how to update Kaltura Capture so that it will work with the new Kaltura Cloud.

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How to Download Kaltura Media

How to download media from your Kaltura MediaSpace My Media library to your own computer. It's recommended you keep your own copies of anything you upload to Kaltura. Click here for a written…

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How to Delete Kaltura Media

How to delete items from your My Media library. Click here for written instructions.

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Record Video Feedback in Brightspace Assignments

This video demonstrates how to record quick video feedback to Brightspace Assignments using Kaltura.

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Installing Kaltura Capture for Mac

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How to Use Moderation in Kaltura Media Galleries and Channels

This video demonstrates how to setup and use moderation in galleries and in channels. Moderation will add an approval workflow before displaying videos in gallery or channel. Note that your screen…

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Kaltura Tutorials Part 3: How to Share Your Media in Brightspace

This video demonstrates how to share (embed) media already uploaded or recorded to your My Media library to various tools in Brightspace, and how to upload or record media from the point of…

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Kaltura Tutorials Part 2: How to Upload Media to your My Media Library

This video demonstrates how to add video and audio files to your My Media library. Part 2 of a 3-part series. Click here for Part 1: How to Access MediaSpace Click here for Part 3: How to Share…

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Kaltura Advanced (webinar)

In this session we cover some of the features of Kaltura that can lead to a more engaging and accessible learning experience for students viewing video: The online video editor Interactive Video…

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Kaltura MediaSpace - Adding closed captions

This describes how to add closed captions to videos in Kaltura MediaSpace.

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Recording a PowerPoint Presentation with Kaltura Capture (Screen Area)

This video will demonstrate the recommended method for recording a PowerPoint presentation with Kaltura Capture. This method records only a part of your screen, and may not auto-generate Chapters…

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Installing Kaltura Capture for Windows

This video demonstrates how to Install the Kaltura Capture application on a Windows computer

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Kaltura Capture Controls

This video will demonstrate how to choose your sources - webcam, screen, and microphone - in Kaltura Capture.

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Kaltura MediaSpace - How to add chapters

This video explains how to add chapters to a video in MediaSpace.

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